Museum Workshop

Dive into the World of Turkish Women Artisans: Unraveling Stories Through Rugs

Join our thought-provoking museum workshop, where we delve deep into the world of fiber arts and the cherished cultural heritage of Turkish women artisans. Discover the intricate threads that bind art, society, and history together.

Workshop Themes:

  • Preservation of Turkish Culture:

Explore the invaluable legacy of rugs and kilims, shedding light on their influence on the women artisans and the societies they were part of.

  • Empowering Women Through Art:

Step into the shoes of women artisans and understand their challenges and triumphs, unraveling the significance of rug-making as a profession.

  • Cultural Preservation in Modern Times: 

Investigate the integration of ancient cultural practices into contemporary challenges, pondering on how to honor the past amidst modern complexities.

  • Life, Character, and Symbolism: 

Unpack the life and thoughts of woman artisans through the lens of their rug designs. Explore the symbolism woven into each thread, reflecting deeper societal narratives.

  • Acknowledging the Unnoticed Art:

Reflect on the unnoticed yet omnipresent nature of rug artistry in people's daily lives. Explore the social issues embedded in these rugs, highlighting their significance in contemporary society.

Journey with us through time, understanding the past to preserve the knowledge, culture, and spirit of Turkish women artisans. Together, let's illuminate the unseen threads of history and artistry.