Ozcan Ozdemir, with 35 years of expertise in rugs, possesses deep knowledge in the history, symbolism, and meticulous care of these artifacts. After dedicating a decade to holistic hospitality, Ozcan found a compelling connection between the rugs he worked with and their extraordinary mental and physical healing attributes. This realization inspired him to merge his two career paths in rugs and holistic hospitality.

Driven by his passion, he established the Chapel Rug Museum, curating ever-changing exhibitions. His natural talent for design blossomed in his Fethiye store, where customers not only praised his rug choices but also sought his opinions on furniture and home decor, showcasing his innate design sensibility.

Between curation and rug sales, Ozcan delved into healthcare interior design, infusing his expertise into creating spaces that promote well-being. He highlighted the importance of teaching the West about the rich Turkish art rug history, emphasizing its cultural significance and values. His journey represents a fusion of expertise, passion, and an intuitive eye for design, shaping spaces and inspiring others in the process.

Moreover, Ozcan holds a license in Turkish culture preservation, focusing on preserving fading arts. As a craftsman, he not only imparts his knowledge but also actively participates in preserving the heritage, particularly in repairing rugs, ensuring their longevity and cultural significance. His role as a fixer goes beyond mere restoration; it's a commitment to safeguarding Turkish traditions and craftsmanship for generations to come.